Then There Was You (Fan Fiction)

Then There Was You An opportunity to spend time together brings Adrien and Marinette closer. While Nathalie hopes this new relationship will be good for Adrien, she is suspicious as to what Gabriel is planing for them, and what he is hiding from her. Wattpad: Archive of Our Own: FanFiction. net:

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Hold me for tonight (Fan Fiction)

Hold me for tonight ♦️When Ladybug and Chat Noir become cornered by an Akuma, their identities become revealed not only to each other, but Hawkmoth. With the help of Alix, Marinette will have to come up with a plan to set the future right again, by correcting the past, but can she leave her love... Continue Reading →

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A Christmas Wish (Fan Fiction)

Marinette and Adrien have grown into close friends. When a sudden illness prevents Adrien from travelling with his father, he calls on Marinette to keep him company. Will the magic of the Christmas season finally help bring out the feelings they have tried to hide? Wattpad Archive of Our Own

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Chat Blanc Analysis – The Fate of Destiny

⚠️Warning - This analysis contains spoilers for ‘Chat Blanc’ and the season finale ‘Battle of the Miraculous Parts 1 & 2’⚠️ Analysis by Jackie Zonneveld (LiquifiedStars) Without a doubt, ‘Chat Blanc’ has been the most anticipated episode of season 3 and possibly in the history of Miraculous - and it didn’t disappoint! This super emotionally... Continue Reading →

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Until I Make You Mine (Fan Fiction)

💜Until I Make You Mine💜 New Miraculous Fan Fiction Sequel to ‘Until I Heard You Sing’ Adrien knows one thing for certain, he wants to marry Marinette, and with his father’s deteriorating health he would prefer sooner rather than later. Will Adrien and Marinette get their happy ever after, or will Lila find a way... Continue Reading →

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Battle of the Miraculous – A New Era Dawns

Battle of the Miraculous - A New Era Dawns Analysis by Jackie Zonneveld (LiquifiedStars) Warning ⚠️ - Contains spoiler for Heart Hunter and Miracle Queen (Battle of the Miraculous parts one and two) After watching both parts of the season 3 finale, it was hard to find a place to start. Unlike previous seasons, this... Continue Reading →

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Some thoughts before Miracle Queen

Warning ⚠️ Contains spoilers from Heart Hunter (Loveater) My Facebook and Instagram I’m keeping spoiler free for those choosing to wait, but for those who have seen part one of the finale, I have some thoughts I want to share.  First - the almost Adrigami kiss. Now I have my doubts that this will eventuate... Continue Reading →

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Feast – The Dark Horses

🐾🐞Feast - The Dark Horses🐞🐾 An Analysis by Jackie Zonneveld (LiquifiedStars) The episode of Feast primarily gave us an insight into the past of Master Fu. We learnt about his mistake which led to the downfall of the Guardian Temple and the existence of other Miracle Boxes. There has already been much discussion on these... Continue Reading →

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‘Ladybug’ Episode Analysis – Character Dimensions

🐞🐾‘Ladybug’ Episode Analysis - Character Dimensions🐾🐞Analysis by Jackie Zonneveld (LiquifiedStars) Let me just say WOW! Season 3 is just blowing us away and each episode is giving us another piece of the puzzle. First things first - this episode has been shown early as it was supposed to be the episode before the two part... Continue Reading →

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Until I Heard You Sing (Fan Fiction)

🐞🐾Fan-Fiction Release🐾🐞 Out Now!! My first Miraculous Fiction “Until I Heard You Sing” By LiquifiedStars. Now available to read on: 🌟Wattpad - 🌟AO3 (Archive of Our Own) - 🌟 - I have already written the story and will upload every few days after final proof reading. Please leave likes, comments etc I... Continue Reading →

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Happy New Year!

Hi everyone, just wanted to do a shout out and wish all my followers a Happy New Year and a huge thank you for your support this past year. I'm hoping this year to try to participate more in the furious fictions as I missed a few months in 2019. There will also be more... Continue Reading →

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